About Me


My name is Matthew Faustini, as you might’ve surmised from the whole “” thing. I’m a graphic designer, vector illustrator, occasional writer, editor, social media manager and star of stage and screen*.

I’m an East-Coaster, born and raised in my ancestral homeland, New Jersey. I went to high school at Don Bosco Prep, a school more notorious for sports or academics where I decided to focus on the arts, primarily chorus and musical theater. Go figure.  I went to college at Marist, a college on the banks of the Hudson River up in Poughkeepsie, NY. I continued with chorus, musical theater and delved further into digital art and design.

I created, a site where I get to work with every part of a project. From writing, shooting, editing, to managing the tweets and Facebook page, I’m involved in one way or another.

From layout work with Marvel comics, quick and fun caricatures for charity, to building a new site, I’m always striving to make new things and embellish my creative output.