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Matthew Faustini



• 5+ Years experience working in graphic design, layout, and production
• Skilled with Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver
• Content planning and metrics analysis
• Social media management across major outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Google +, YouTube)


Editorial Assistant at Marvel Entertainment (2013 – 2016)

Special Projects – Digital Publishing
• Reprocessing and reconstructing over 1000 issues in over 5 languages for distribution by Marvel digital.
• Staging and processing issues for the return of Star Wars comics to Marvel’s digital platforms.
• Coordinated with a team in various tasks. Managed a long-term timeline on a project processing thousands of digital issues.
• Reconstructed layouts and covers, and re-composited issues for uniform quality and branding
• Assisted in the Digital Comics Gaps project, preparing comic archives for upload.
• Restored color and black plates and reconstructed deteriorated artwork for many classic issues.
• Contributed to the release of several trade print publications including the inaugural Epic Collection
• Scanned reference material for digitization and recoloring

News/Opinion Blog Geeky Gentleman (February 2012-Present)

• Writes, edits and curates news and opinion pieces
• Established and maintains all social media outlets for the site including: Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Facebook presences
• Targeted and planned new content based on traffic metrics
• Established unified, site-wide design aesthetic
• Creates all graphic assets for the site including logo and featured images
• Produce various video content writing, shooting and performing, as well as editing and exporting.

Freelance Design Work

• Designed varied print promotional items
• Brainstormed and executed various small-scale promotional campaigns
• Kept constant and efficient contact with clients to respond to feedback and direct focus on projects
• Drafted logos, banners, and branding for varied websites and organization
• Produced and drafted the packaging for an album
• Managed and enforced personal deadlines and executed projects expediently

Intern at Marvel Entertainment (Summer 2011)

Editorial – Special Projects
• Digital 4-color correction and cleanup of classic Marvel comics for digital and print publication
• Assisted in flat-coloring for trade-publication covers
• Managed internal approval of content to be published by Special Projects
• Operated camera and recorded footage for a Marvel.com collaboration with Food and Wine Magazine

Internships at Turner Construction Co. (Summers 2007-2009)

Worked as a Systems Engineer in IT.
Responsibilities Included:
• troubleshooting end-user issues
• setup and support for main office computers and networks
• setup and support for remote jobsites
• inventory and asset control
• phone support for remote users
• maintenance of test lab and server rooms
• attend budget and planning meetings


Marist College
Poughkeepsie, NY
Class of 2011 – B.S. in Digital Media